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The New Age of Cheating: Online Infidelity

The advent of the Internet has introduced major changes for the manner in which humans can communicate across the globe. It has supplied people with a way to get instant access to information, and each other. Computers have quickly become a regular entity in our lives; especially our social lives.

Communication on the Internet comes in many forms, including instant messaging, chat rooms, and emails. It has become easier than ever to not only stay in touch with friends and loved ones, but also to meet new people. A notable social byproduct of the Internet is online infidelity, or online cheating. Anyone, including your partner, can simply log on to the Internet at home, and have access to a whole new world where they may pretend they actually are single.
So why are so many people turning to the Internet to cheat? One reason is that it serves as a form of escapism. People can easily become anyone or anything they want to be in online communities and chat rooms. In addition to providing anonymity, the Internet provides convenience. Those who have children, work long hours, or do not get out much in general can find access to a whole new world right from their personal computer.

Online infidelity has become popular not only because it provides a form of escapism that is convenient and anonymous, but also because many cheaters rationalize that what they're doing isn't actually "cheating". People engaging in these types of relationships easily justify their behavior. Because there may not be actual physical contact, they feel that their actions are harmless.

In the Internet's short life span it has experienced many revolutions. In the beginning online chat and chat rooms were all the rage, linking people together by a common interest, region, or other factor. As using the Internet socially become more favorable, many entrepreneurs envisioned a new way to link people together online. Learn more about social networking click here

Online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds since the inception of the Internet. Many games offer a whole new world in which the players can not only live and exist in, but also be a part of creating it. Traditionally RPGs (role-playing games) were centered on fantasy worlds where players fight evil villains. Now many of these online games, called MMORPGs (massively multiplayer role-playing games), have moved further away from this tradition and are simply just second worlds where players can find a new profession, meet people, make money and just hang out. Learn more click here

People are constantly looking to make their lives more exciting. Whether it be due to a failed marriage, a lackluster relationship, or simply for the thrill of doing something taboo, people seek new ways to find stimulation and pleasure.

The internet provides a way to approach and meet people without the fear of rejection, making people feel confident and bold. Without the social pressure of having to look or act a certain way, the internet provides an easy platform for people to "come out of their shells".

Many people are shocked to discover that their significant other is cheating online. However it is becoming increasingly likely, as Internet usage across the globe continues to grow. It is important to remember that people are much more likely to cheat online than they are in the real world.

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