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Is My Boyfriend Cheating? How to Tell.

How can you tell if your guy is the one for you? Before you get too serious, it is important to know if he has been loyal to you.

Wondering how to tell if your man is cheating? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if he is straying:

Really into His Looks - Is your boyfriend suddenly taking an unusual interest in his physical appearance for unknown reasons?
No Time for Phone Calls - Is he calling you less and less, or forgetting to return your call? Does he make excuses why never calls?
Working Long Hours - Is he legitimately working long hours and staying late, or is he working long hours by macking with someone else?

His Routine has Changed - Are there suspicious changes to his daily routine?
Secret Cash Flow - Does he have bank accounts that you don’t know about? Does his money always seem to be missing, without anything to show for it?
Frequent Traveling - Is he always going away, either personally or professionally? Are you sure these trips are for justifiable reasons?
Secretive Phone Conversations - Is he whispering into the phone? Walking into another room when the phone rings? Quickly hanging up if you enter a room?
Evidence in the Car - Is there unwarranted extra mileage on the car? Is he constantly cleaning the car out of your personal effects? Has the passenger seat been moved?
Changes in Sexual Behavior - Are you having less sex? Does he want to try new and unusual things that make you uncomfortable?
Computer Knows All - Is he secretive with computer use? Does he spend an excessive amount of time on the computer? Often times discreet communication takes place right at home over the Internet. Email, instant messages, and online chat are just some of the ways that your boyfriend could be corresponding with another girl.
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