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How to Catch a Cheating Husband - 4 Signs

The majority of women who think their husbands are cheating find out that they were right after some investigating. For the most part things at home and in your relationship are ok, if not a little stale, but you feel a nagging suspicion that something is up.
Have you found yourself wondering, "Is my husband cheating?" There are many reasons why a husband will engage in a relationship outside the home. Listed below are four signs of a cheating husband:

Sign of a Cheating Husband 1

His Physical Needs
- The reasons for men and women to cheat are very different. Typically a woman will cheat to get attention she feels she deserves, while a man may cheat solely for physical needs. Every man does not cheat, but there are a lot of them out there who will. If they are not meeting their physical needs in your relationship, then they may have desires to do so outside of your home.

Sign of a Cheating Husband 2

He's Bored
- Men become discontent at home and suffer from the grass is greener on the other side complex. They cherish the days when they were single, and forget about all of the good things their marriage has given them. They think that perhaps life would be better again if they could have multiple partners, and generally feel restricted in their lives. A man who is unsatisfied or generally bored with his sex life may seek excitement from other women away from the home. The truth of the matter is most men who are unhappy with these things eventually stray from their wives.

Sign of a Cheating Husband 3

The Company He Keeps
- Single friends can have a direct influence on your husband and how he behaves. They do not have the same restrictions, and sometimes out of their own jealousy and longing to be in a relationship may pressure your husband to "be one of the boys" and do things they wouldn't normally do. A married man who spends a lot of time out with his single friends may be up to no good.

Sign of a Cheating Husband 4

His Gradual Struggle
- A wife needs to be aware of her partner's emotional and physical needs at all times. A man will typically not directly engage in cheating until after all other options have been exhausted. If your relationship has been stale for some time, and he feels trapped with no other options, then he may finally make that leap into this devastating territory. In addition, the more enticing scenarios a discontent man is involved in, the more likely he is to cheat. For example, if his single friends keep pressuring him at strip clubs to go further, he just may after he has given up on being faithful.
Most importantly, a woman must listen to her instinct. If you strongly suspect that something is wrong (that your husband might be cheating), then you should investigate. In addition, be sure to check for changes in behavior and other physical signs that may tip off something unusual is going on. Often times the best place to start your investigation is right in your home. The computer and cell phone are two of the tools cheaters employ the most.

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