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Is My Girlfriend Cheating?

Marriages are not the only relationships that can be devastated by cheating. Before you get serious with your girlfriend, make sure she has been honest with you.

The following list shows typical signs of a girlfriend who may be cheating:

Improved Personal Appearance - If your girlfriend has dramatically changed her appearance, than something may be up.
Changes in Routine Behavior - Is she leaving work late, spending more time with friends, or taking long lunches?
Disinterested in Sex - Has there been a sudden cooling in the bedroom? If your girlfriend has not been interested in having sex with you, you should find out why.

Suddenly in Shape - Often cheaters are very interested in their physical appearance, and will diet and exercise to ensure they are looking good. But who do they want to look good for - you or someone else?
Check her Car - Receipts, cigarette butts, and other clues can be found in the car. You can even check the mileage or take note if the passenger seat has been moved.
Spending Money - While this can mean many things, it could also signify that your girlfriend is spending on someone else.
Check the Apartment - If your girlfriend has been entertaining other men there may be signs in her place. Do the towels smell like cologne? Are there unidentified clothing items that do not belong to you or her?
Secret Cell Phone - Just like the computer, the cell phone is a new piece of technology that has enabled cheaters to avoid being caught. Text messages and calls received can tip off if she hasn't been faithful to you.
Computer Knows All - Your girlfriend's pc may contain all of the information that you need to know. Often times discreet communication takes place right at home over the Internet. Email, instant messages, and online chat are just some of the ways that your girlfriend could be communicating with someone else.
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