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Signs your Partner is Cheating Online

Here are some common factors to consider if you are trying to determine that your spouse is cheating online:

Secretive Internet Use - When you enter a room does your partner quickly and suddenly switch to a different screen or close windows?
Erasing their Path - If your partner is constantly clearing their cookies and Internet history, they are likely hiding something from you.
Secret Email Accounts - Do you know if your partner has email accounts that you don't know about? This may be where they receive emails from a secret lover, or where they get emails from websites that they use to meet new people.

Excessive Internet Use - If your loved one is on the Internet excessively and often times when you are not around or after you have gone to bed, there may be a hidden reason why.
Password Protected PC - Does your partner have his or her computer locked, so that you cannot ever use it? When you want to use their computer, do they insist on logging in for you instead of telling you the password?
If you answered yes to these questions, then it may be time to do some more investigative work to determine if your partner is cheating online. Many reputable software vendors have created products that monitor a user's computer activity. This software runs in the background and is undetectable by the user. From this you can see screen captures of all activity, online chats, and even set alerts if certain keywords are used (e.g. sex, love, cheat).

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