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How to Tell if Your Wife is Cheating? 5 Signs

It usually begins with a feeling that something is wrong. Things may appear to be normal on the surface, but you cannot shake the sense there is trouble in your marriage. Men have historically cheated more than women, but recently there has been a significant rise in cheating wives.

Have you found yourself wondering, "Is my wife cheating?" There are many reasons why a wife will engage in a relationship outside the home. Listed below are five signs to help you catch your cheating wife:

Sign of a Cheating Wife 1

Stale in the Bedroom
- Women have the same requirements as men in physical relations. They want to feel sexy and be loved. If intimate relations are lacking in your home, chances are your wife is upset about it. If your wife is not getting the love and attention she needs from you, is she seeking it from someone else?

Sign of a Cheating Wife 2

Comfort Zone
- Sometimes couples become too comfortable with one another and stop doing the small things that make each other feel good. Paying your wife compliments and making sure she is comfortable with herself is an important part to marriage. If your wife is not finding this confidence in her marriage, and another man is making her feel special in ways that you don't, then you may have a problem.

Sign of a Cheating Wife 3

Financial Strain
- The burden of financial strain could drive your wife to cheat. The costs of living add up quickly, and if not properly managed, can leave very little money left for fun. Often times a woman will overlook her own needs to make sure her husband and children are cared for. The negative ramification of this is that she may find it overly exciting when another man provides her with gifts and presents.

Sign of a Cheating Wife 4

Pay Attention
- Aside from becoming too comfortable with each other, a man needs to also make sure his wife gets enough attention. Asking her how her day was and other small things can go a long way towards keeping a healthy relationship. When other men give your wife a lot of attention, is she secretly enjoying it because she doesn't get the same treatment at home?

Sign of a Cheating Wife 5

Spending Time Together
- Quality time can go a long way towards keeping a relationship together. If a husband comes home from work and then watches TV for the rest of the evening, a wife may feel neglected and alone.
Most importantly, a man must analyze his relationship and determine if he has met his partner's needs. If you strongly suspect that something is wrong, trust your instinct - you are probably right about your suspicions. There are many ways to find out whether or not your wife is cheating, from using computer monitoring software to check out what she's doing online, to checking phone bills and credit card statements.

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