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The New Age of Cheating: Online Infidelity

Online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds since the inception of the Internet. Many games offer a whole new world in which the players can not only live and exist in, but also be a part of creating it. Traditionally RPGs (role-playing games) were centered on fantasy worlds where players fight evil villains. Now many of these online games, called MMORPGs (massively multiplayer role-playing games), have moved further away from this tradition and are simply just second worlds where players can find a new profession, meet people, make money and just hang out.
Since the inception of these games, there have been cases of severe addiction resulting in murder, death, and broken marriages. While these statistics are very low, it is important to note that this form of escapism can become very serious for some players. Multiple news outlets have written stories about these games, such as Everquest, and the dissolution of marriages over them. Typically marriages have been broken up because of simply because of the time spent on the computer versus time spent with spouse, but now there is also online cheating to contend with.
The attractiveness to these games is a person can be anything they want. They create a representation of themselves in the game, called an avatar, and can style that avatar however they desire. In some games like Second Life and Entropia Universe, the avatars created by players can show highly detailed characteristics such as face shape, smile, chest size, height, clothing, hair style, etc. Once this avatar is created, a player has renewed confidence and is in a sense reborn in this virtual world, to be whomever they want.

Since the fear of rejection is so much less, many players do things they would never do in the real world. A lot of players find new spouses in the game, with which they spend time together and play the game with each other. Many users have gotten virtually married to other players.

While many people play these types of games for other reasons, the ability to meet a romantic interest is prevalent. If you are concerned that your spouse may be having one of these types of relationships in an online game, the easiest thing to do is try and sit down when they are playing. See if your spouse lets you watch the game and play it together. If your spouse is irritated, annoyed, or secretive about their online game play, then there may be a problem. On the other hand if your spouse is inviting and happy to share the game with you, then it is likely they are not having an online relationship with someone else.

Some of the most popular online games and virtual worlds include Second Life, Entropia Universe, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, EVE Online, Everquest, and Warhammer Online.

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